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Author(s): Pankaj Patel; Shilpi Shrivastava; Preeti Pandey

DOI: 10.55878/SES2023-3-1-1

Views: 29 (pdf),       726 (html)

Access: Open Access

Cite: Pankaj Patel1, Shilpi Shrivastava2*, Preeti Pandey3 (2023). Synthesis of potassium salts from derivatives of natural acids. Spectrum of Emerging Sciences, 3(1), pp. 1-8. 10.55878/SES2023-3-1-1 10.55878/SES2023-3-1-1   10.55878/SES2023-3-1-1

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Author(s): Rahul Singh, Preeti, Snehil, Taslima Ahmed

DOI: 10.55878/SES2023-3-1-4

Views: 2 (pdf),       470 (html)

Access: Open Access

Cite: Rahul Singh, Preeti, Snehil, Taslima Ahmed, Temperature and attendance displaying digital wall clock. Spectrum of Emerging Sciences, 3 (1) 2023, 22-25. 10.55878/SES2023-3-1-4   10.55878/SES2023-3-1-4

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